Torana: When you're hot, you're hot

By Jarah Weinreich

The National Automobile Museum of Tasmania's latest theme display celebrates a uniquely Australian phenomenon. The Holden Torana started life as a humble four-cylinder runabout. By the end of production, it symbolized a golden era in Australian touring car racing and youth culture. It was nothing short of an icon, and its legacy is still felt across the nation's race circuits and suburbs.

Central to the display is the reunion of the iconic Ron Hodgson Channel Seven Racing team cars, displayed together in public for the first time in almost forty years.

Taking its title from the period advertisements, Torana: When You're Hot You're Hot is a cross section of famed Bathurst giant-slayers and cherished road cars.

As the seventies drew to a close, so did Torana production, but its impact on Australian car culture could never die. Come along and relive the golden age.